Final Project Prezi

So here is my final project prezi!! I was done it last night, but my laptop is broken. I was also not able to record the voiceover because I am sick and have no voice. I really enjoyed doing this prezi and I think I did a pretty good job considering it was the first prezi I ever did. My prezi includes issues writers face today, how technology plays a big role in writing, and writing spaces, and what will writing be like in the future….In taking this module I have come to realize how all three modules are intertwind and relate to one another with the issues of writing and technology and writing. I have come to realize from taking these modules how much technology impacts writing and the spaces we write in. I never realized how big of a role technology plays in writing. This module has really informed me about technology and writing, which is good for me since I want to be a future teacher. I have become experienced in blogging and tweeting, which I have never used before. I hope you enjoy my Prezi!

The Final Prezi

Well it has been about twenty minutes since I have completed my Prezi for class. I had to re-record it three times, because unbeknownst to me, my speakers decided to stop working. Why is this a problem? I could NOT hear the horrible playback that came out of my mouth. While I loathe the way I sound, I did just make sure the sound was there and I called it a day. Now that the Prezi is done, I am going to reflect on module two with a beer. Actually, hold that thought, brb…Okay, I am back. I decided why wait on the beer, so I went and got one from the fridge.
I sure hope I did the final project the right way. I tend to go off topic a LOT, as you can see above. I started telling you about the awful voice and ended up with a beer. I am not really sure what else to write in this blog as it is the last one I am doing. It was cool to see the comments on my other posts especially about the titles. I do not know why, but for this module I decided to use actual song titles for my titles but either added a word or took one out. I am sure you have figured that out by now. So I am going to end now and leave you with the link to The Final Prezi:

ScreenCast.. sigh.

I am staring at my screen… at a barely moving box that is apparently uploading my Prezi to ScreenCast. This has taken over a half hour 😦 This makes me sad.

Regardless, soon, my blog will be able to be attached and I will do so. My Prezi presentation discusses my thoughts on writing in today’s society. I enjoyed constructing the piece, even with the awkward voice-over. Prezi can get frustrating but I think I generally got the hang of it. In ending this module, I’m  beginning to see the close relationships between the three modules and I find it very interesting. In the beginning of the year, the three-module idea was kind of intimidating. I now completely understand why it was split up and I have appreciated all three (or will appreciate all three) of the modules.

The Prezi is ready! Check it out at

Enjoy and happy writing 🙂

My Personal Trip to the Matrix: A Reflection of JDarkRoom

I feel like I’m in the Matrix… currently scanning my dorm room to confirm that I’m not seeing any black cats or feeling and deja vu. Coast is clear.

This is truly a new experience. Different from Word, Twitter, Facebook, paper and anything else I have ever written on. It feels somewhat silly that the simplicity of looking only at my words can make me realize how much is usually going on around them.
JDarkRoom is definitely an inviting space to pursue for writing, I feel intrigued and open-minded! I assume that a writing space like this would invite experienced writers, the writers who don’t care about the presentation of their writing but only the bulk of their ideas. It may discourage writers of the younger generation, as the distractions that many of us prefer are no longer available. I usually listen to music while I write, but here I am faced with only my own text. Yes, I want to check my Facebook and play my music. But… I don’t hate this enough to press escape yet.
However, some things are afforded by this space. I cannot rely on spell-check, formatting or editing tools. This space somewhat combines the speed of Microsoft Word with the focus on writing of writing on a piece of notebook paper. I still find myself pausing during sentences to thoughtfully communicate my ideas, but I don’t feel as pressured as I do while using Microsoft Word. I don’t think the dynamics of this writing space affect my writing in any major ways. I feel more relaxed, if anything, resulting in a writing piece that feels like I am having a conversation with my audience. Sometimes when using Word, my hands feel tense and I can’t wait for the piece to be finished. I am much more relaxed with this program, not feeling the same pressures as I do while using Word.
While using JDarkRoom, I am relaxed and more focused on the words. By only seeing the words I am typing, and not listening to music or thinking about fonts, I hear myself saying the words in my head much more clearly than I usually do. This intimate reflection allows for a deeper appreciation for the words I choose to reflect my thoughts.

Ode to Paper

Writing on paper seems to allow the writer to breathe. My handwriting is much sloppier when I know I’m only talking to myself via a sheet of paper.

It is at this point I let the writer in me dominate the teacher in me. I am not exemplifying or displaying proper handwriting, at all. However, when I really feel the need to “let it all out,” paper is the medium I will always prefer.
There is something about writing freely that is just different. It could be the way my hand swishes as it slides across the page. It could  be how I know I hold my pen incorrectly but I don’t change it even if the inside of my ring finger begins to callous. Or maybe it’s the sole reason that writing on paper makes me feel like a writer, more like someone can descriptively and successfully communicate their heart’s thoughts. (Insert goofy drawing of heart with glasses, thinking. Caption: I also doodle… a lot, when I write on notebook paper.)

Unfortunately, for some people, they may never connect to paper and pen as the best medium for their inner-writer… as long as all writers find some way to bring their own creativity out by utilizing whatever medium works best for them. (Insert mini-billboard: Don’t hate paper!)
I believe this space discourages people due to how it is taught. Students, especially with the growing technologies, will always turn to the medium that most easily communicates their ideas (of course, correctly and clearly as well). In this space, I feel less formal while writing. I could never successfully draft an analytical/research paper on notebook paper. Similarly, I would fail horribly at writing creatively on any other space but paper.

-the stupid notebook holes
-I don’t like that ink is often visible from the flip-side of the paper (There’s that teacher-esque personality again…)
-the crossing-out of things: I’d prefer not have scribbles on the page but I don’t like pencils and I must accept that revising as I go is allowed and welcomed.

As a result, the text that I compose on notebook paper in very informal, and very scattered. But I am somewhat proud of the chaos. The text composition, although most words seem to fluidly bleed onto the paper, in simply a composition of my thoughts on a topic. I would, and do, have a lot of trouble composing writing that isn’t creative/narrative on notebook paper.

Things that are “okay” on paper:
-crossing out
-blended letters
-cursive meets print
-writing as you speak/think

Not “okay” on paper:


-too “thought-out”

-too serious!

-thinking of better words/points

-not using VOICE